Joint 14-day military exercise by the armies of India and Bangladesh begin

UMROI, MEGHALAYA: a joint 14-day military training exercise conducted by Indians and Bangladesh the armies were fired on Monday inside, authorities said.

The exercise christened 'SAMPRITI-IX' is an important bilateral defense cooperation endeavor between India and Bangladesh, they said.

This is the ninth edition of the exercise that is performed alternately by the two countries, officials said.

The Bangladesh army contingent is being led by Brigadier and both will familiarize each other in various tactical drills and procedures.

The soldiers of both armies will carry out joint tactical operations such as cords and mock searches, assault and house cleaning.

During the joint SAMPRITI-IX, a command post exercise (CPX) and a field training exercise (FTX) will be conducted over the next two weeks, said PRO defense commander Wing Ratnakar Sing.

For both CPX and FTX, a scenario in which both nations are working together in an anti-terrorism environment will be simulated under the UN Charter, he said.

The FTX curriculum is progressively planned in which participants will familiarize themselves with the organizational structure and tactical exercises of others, said the defense official.

Subsequently, a joint tactical exercise will be carried out in which the battle exercises of both armies will be practiced.

The training will culminate in a final validation exercise in which the troops of both armies will jointly practice an anti-terrorism operation in a controlled and simulated environment, he said.

Singh said a greater cultural understanding will be emphasized to strengthen military confidence and cooperation between two nations to understand each other at a tactical level.