Manto's work in Toba Singh staged

the Cultural Center of the North Zone (NZCC), Patiala ( Minister of Culture , Government of India) in collaboration with Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Akademi staged a solo work ' Toba Tek Singh Ki Kahani ' at Tagore Theater on February 3. At the beginning of the play, the storyteller Saadat Hasan 'Manto' gives the background of the writing of his original story ' Toba Tek Singh '. He describes how the tragedy of the Indo-Pak partition led him to create a character that seemed to be his antithesis as Toba Tek Singh . the story begins with a decision of the two governments regarding the transfer of the lunatics of the madmen of the two countries after partition. A decision has been made in a madhouse in Lahore depicting the chaos. the central character of the play, Bishan Singh aka Toba Tek Singh, is imprisoned in this madhouse with memories of his village and the urge to return to such a place that he only talks about him forever, becoming obsessed to the extent of. During the transfer proceedings, the officials want to send him to India because he is a Sikh, he goes on a rebellion as he comes to know that his village, Toba Tek Singh, is in Pakistan. He says that he wants to stay in his village in Pakistan, does not want to go to India. Finally he dies on a cold, dark winter night on the Wagah border. At the end of the play, the dramatist Rajesh Kumar presents a comparative portrayal of spontaneity of 'Manto' and 'Toba', where he intends to live, but the social and political system wants otherwise. Malay Mishra acted and directed this solo play. Sound and cooperation was by Suniti Mishra and costumes, materials and support of Alok Mishra.