Controversial comments from BJP leaders Shaheen Bagh, CAA dominate the debate on the president's speech

NEW DELHI: With the Delhi assembly elections only a few days away, the controversial comments of the BJP leaders and during the election campaign and the current anti-CAA protest here featured prominently Lok sabha Monday.

The lower house witnessed the protests of opposition members, mainly from Congress and the DMK, against the amended Citizenship Law, with the leader of Congress Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury saying that the government cannot silence the pen (voice) of the people with goli (bullet).

Speaker Om Birla and the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Pralhad Joshi, asked the protesting members, who had entered the Well as soon as Question Time began at 11 am, to raise their problems during the discussion on the Motion of thanks to the President's speech.

With members of the opposition carrying banners and raising slogans against the Citizens Amendment Act (), the National Population Registry (NPR) and the National Citizens Registry (NRC), he postponed the Chamber after just over 10 minutes after Question Time. He stressed that it was for lunch.

People protest to protect the Constitution and carry national flags, Chowdhury said, claiming that some protesters were killed mercilessly.

You are false Hindus, he said, attacking the BJP, and added that if its members were Asli (genuine) Hindus, then they would have behaved differently.

Thakur, who is the Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs, made some controversial comments during a recent survey in the national capital.

The Electoral Commission prohibited him from campaigning for three days for inciting people to raise the slogan to shoot traitors, after lashing out at anti-CAA protesters (Citizens Amendment Act).

The belligerent members of Congress, who were at the well, shouted slogans against the minister and asked him Aapka goli kaha hai? (Where is your bullet?)

Some members also shouted Golaro maarna band karo (Stop shooting).

Each time Thakur responded to the supplements during Question Time, members began to make slogans against him.

Opposition members, including those from the Congress and the DMK, also walked out of Lok sabha to protest the controversial remarks by BJP member Parvesh Verma during a poll rally, when he rose to initiate a debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President's address .

As soon as Verma got up to start the debate, opposition members raised slogans against him as Sharm Karo.

Speaker Om Birla said that what a member says outside cannot be raised within the Chamber and that members should not set an incorrect precedent.

The Electoral Commission banned Verma last week for four days for its controversial comments made during an interview and at an election meeting.

Verma assumed Congress because of his opposition to the Citizens Amendment Act, saying: They should know that it is not the government of Rajiv Feroze Khan, it is the government of Narendra Modi.

We will not recover CAA. It is a matter of integrity of the country.

He referred to the sitting of Shaheen Bagh, saying that it is not a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, but that the people there say Pakistan Zindabad, and Assam and Kashmir should separate from India.

Verma said that India is proud to have a president who has rejected the declaration of mercy of Nirbhaya's convicts.

Congressman Gaurav Gogoi demanded that Thakur be reserved under the relevant laws.

He claimed that the political masters at the top are giving instructions to the ministers to make incendiary speeches.

Reserve the minister under the relevant laws, he said without taking any name.

In front of the Delhi police, a boy shot at people, said the leader of Congress and added that he must have been motivated by someone.

I want to know who is pulling the trigger. He is not the minister or that child, he added.

P K Kunhalikuty (IUML) said that at the Delhi election rallies while the AAP and Congress talk about development, the BJP is trying to make it as communal as possible.

They are even calling to shoot people. People who sit in high positions are making these calls, he claimed, adding that they are targeting a minority community in the country.

He said that no senior BJP leader is condemning such comments.

The prime minister talks about the new India, but it is full of hatred, anarchy and unemployment, he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to respond to the debate on Wednesday.