No resentment, says Alli of the Spurs about Sterling's poorly rigged rig

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Give Alli he said he has no ill will towards Raheem Sterling after being at the receiving end of a blunt blow of the Manchester city forward during the Spurs 2-0 victory over the Premier League champions on Sunday.

Sterling's attempt to win the ball saw him step on Alli's ankle but he Video Assistant Referee (VAR) did not consider the challenge worthy of a red card, angering the Spurs chief, José Mourinho, who insisted that the man from England should have been expelled.

There he continued playing before being replaced in the 70th minute and the Spurs, who play a repeat of the fourth round of the FA Cup against Southampton on Wednesday, have not yet provided an update on the severity of their injury.

We were talking about that at halftime and we are good friends, Alli told reporters. I know what kind of player Raheem is and I would never try to intentionally hurt someone.

There are no resentments. He is a fantastic player and we move on.

The tackle was similar to last month's incident, where Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was thrown out in VAR review and suspended for three games when his battered tackle almost wounded Crystal Palace's Max Meyer.

I'm not sure (if it was a red card) to be honest, Alli added. I have not looked at it again.

Obviously, it is up to the arbitrator and the VAR to make the decision. They did not give the red card.

The result led the Spurs to fifth place in the Premier League standings, four points behind Chelsea and one place in the top four, while the second-ranked City is now 22 points behind the league leader Liverpool.