EeVe India aims to expand throughout the country, ready to participate in Auto Expo

NEW DELHI: The expansion of its reach and visibility in the market, part of OMJAY EV LIMITED, is ready to make its first appearance in, where it will announce its next phase of growth trajectory and the expansion roadmap.

The brand will also present two of its latest high-end two-wheel electric products: an electric sports bike and an electric retro scooter.

Among its existing products, there are four electric scooters that have been launched recently, namely, Your, Wind, 4U and Xeniaa. Your and Wind models are equipped with lead acid batteries and Xeniaa and 4U work with lithium-ion batteries.

Harsh Didwania, co-founder and director, said: “We are very excited about our first participation in Auto Expo. In just a few months, we have made our presence felt in eastern India and now is the time to show our capabilities to the rest of India. Auto Expo 2020 is a very important stage for us, as we hope to expand India in a year.

Location: Hall no 12