More than 8 lakh of new farmers linked to the online crop loan system in Rajasthan

JAIPUR: More than 8 lakh of new farmers have been linked to disburse loans for cooperative crops in the last year in.

Prime Minister Ashok Gehlot had instructed to end discrimination in cooperative disbursement of agricultural loans and adopt a uniform and transparent system and link new farmers so that they can obtain agricultural loans with zero percent interest and free themselves from The claws of the lenders.

By implementing the policy, Apex Cooperative Bank had launched a disbursement and registration plan for online crop loans in 2019, according to which crop loans were disbursed to eligible farmers based on their biometric verification, said the Department of Cooperatives in a statement.

So far, more than 21 lakh farmers have been linked to cooperative loans for crops in the state, including 8 lakh from new farmers, and have obtained loans for crops of more than Rs 8,244 million, he said.

According to the statement, 13 lakhs of former farmers were also linked to the new crop loan system.

More than 25 lakh farmers have applied for crop loans to date in the state. Of these, 21.20 lakh farmers received loans of Rs 4,583 million rupees in the Kharif season and Rs 3,661 million rupees in the Rabi season.

Approximately 7 lakh of new farmers have also received loans for crops, while the remaining farmers will receive loans by March 31, 2020.

Under the Rajasthan farmer loan exemption scheme, loans from eligible farmers were exempted by biometric verification.

The Rajasthan government has waived agricultural loans of Rs 15,000 crore in 2018 and 2019. Approximately Rs 8,000 crore of loans from around 20 lakh farmers were exempted under the scheme in 2019, he said.