Advancement of Bigg Boss Malayalam February 2, 3: Bigg Boss' new task triggers a great fight between housemates; teaser watch

With two wild card surprise tickets, big boss Malayalam 2 You are ready to bring the next episodes to life. big boss announces a new task to housemates.

In promoting tonight's episode (February 3), housemates are seen classifying their contestants in the order of Who deserves to be in the game. In the video, the contestants are seen discussing among themselves about their respective positions on the list.

Here is the video:

In another video, the housemates are preparing for the next nomination task. Similar to the previous weeks, the contestants nominate two people in the house indicating their reasons for the same.

Verbal fights are inevitable inside big boss Malayalam and tonight Shaji and Sujo will engage in an ugly spat in the dining area.

In addition to the arguments, the episode will also entertain with a new wild card contestant RJ Sooraj Sooraj's entrance is assigned to take a 'Nadan Pattu' class for the housemates and everyone enjoys singing popular folk songs along with him.