Mumbaikars meet in solidarity with the queer community

The LGBTQIA + community of Mumbai recently held a solidarity meeting in Azad Maidan

Over the weekend, Mumbaikars defended his beliefs once again, this time it was for him Mumbai Pride Solidarity gathered in Azad Maidan. The event was held in place of the annual Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride Parade (QAM), which was scheduled for February 1.

The police reportedly refused permission for the demonstration, for the first time in 11 years, citing concerns about continuing protests against the CAA across the country. QAM then obtained permission to hold a solidarity meeting.

Hundreds crammed Azad Maidan, who witnessed celebrations and protests at the LGBTQIA + community meeting. Colorful banners and banners with messages such as: Homosexuality is not a disease, homophobia is, Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karen-Gay, Bisexual hoon, Nahi spectator, among others, were exhibited at the event.


The three-hour meeting saw a play performed on stage, some poetry recitals, speeches by community members, allied talks, slogan singing and more. They also spoke against the Transgender people '(Protection of rights) Bill.

Speaking about the event, one of the organizers and activist for equal rights. Harish Iyer He said: Our lives do not exist in isolation. We also exist at the intersections of caste, creed, religion and regions. When even one of our identities is attacked, we are attacked. This event testified to all those voices that exist at intersections. ” Activist and organizer of gay rights, Pallav Patankar He added: “The problems will not be resolved due to activists or those on stage. It will change because all of you are out. We are at a new point now. Hum ek alag mukam pe hain because Section 377 read hua hai. But this is the zero zone. We were on the negative sign before this. People have to leave. All heroes are there within each of us. There are many things we want after 377 and we all have to do it all together. ”

Daniel, who identifies himself as intersex, talked about how marginalized intersexers were in an already marginalized community. These are those people whose bodies do not fit the binary ideas of man and woman. “Intersex is marginalized in an already marginalized community. We have to think about the window and get all the other colors that this flag has never seen and we all become the color of the rainbow. Intersex are those children born with genitals that do not reveal whether they are male or female. Its chromosomes do not match the body. For example, mine is XXY and this is not a disorder, it is as natural as any other person here, ”Daniel explained.

The meeting also had many allies and one of the largest was the LGBTQIA + Sweekar parent group. One of the parents said: “The 2018 trial of decriminalizing homosexuals has made us celebrate everyone in every way. But that was only the first step. We still have to obtain the rights granted in our constitution, including marriage rights, association rights, adoption rights, inheritance rights, insurance rights and everything else. We should not have to beg for these, which are our basic rights. Allies like Sweekar need everyone to join us. We need the support of civil society.









PKJ_9276 Dr. Siddharth Nandi, shared anecdotes about how homophobia and queer phobia are rampant in the medical ecosystem. He also said: The scenario is changing now. There are also many doctors and queer friendly doctors. There are also doctors who claim to cure homosexuality, there are other slums that claim to cure it through yoga and Ayurveda. There was a psychologist who told me that if this is not controlled it could cause incest and gave me multivitmains, Ayurvedic tablets and asked me to undergo hypnotherapy to cure my sexual orientation and straighten up! Trishtha Nishan, who identifies as trans The person talked about how the trans umbrella is extremely diverse and people needed to know who they are part of and embrace them. Kali D, a prostitute and gay porn artist also talked about the challenges they face.