Looking to reserve an Olympic place after failing for 24 milliseconds: Jinson Johnson

MUMBAI: Jinson Johnson , who holds the national record at 800m and 1500m, said the next Khelo University India Games It will be a great boost for the young athletes of the country. After successfully hosting the Khelo India Youth Games , the Indian government has decided to conduct the Khelo University India Games in Bhubaneshwar from February 22 to March 1 to unearth more talent for the Olympics.

I went to the United States of America to train last year. University level tournaments are very popular there and the level of competition is very high. The level of competition is also high in European university tournaments. Some college-level athletes also represent their country. Therefore, it would be good for college-level athletes to receive support in India, the 28-year-old said.

Johnson said athletes will improve with more organized tournaments in India, but they will also need financial assistance.

Athletes need good support to perform well in world events. The Sports Authority of India is trying to get sponsorships for athletes. Athletes at the university level are not working, so they need the funds to play sports. All equipment for any sport is expensive. Therefore, more competitions are good for athletes, but they also need financial support, the runner said.

Johnson, who missed the Tokyo Olympics 24 millisecond rating in the ISTAF Event in Berlin last year, is currently looking to reserve a place in the quadrennial event.

I am currently looking to reserve my place in the Olympic Games. The qualification mark is 3:35 minutes for the 1500m event and I recorded a time of 3:35:24 last year, so I lost the qualification mark in 24 milliseconds. The level of competition in athletics is very high. More than 200 countries participate in athletics events. I have seen an increase in athletes who practice athletics in recent years. Many national records have been broken in recent years. Neeraj Chopra (javelin thrower) has worked out very well. Sports culture in India has improved in the last two or three years, Johnson signed.