BCA dismisses the secretary by email, Kumar questions her veracity

KOLKATA: There is no end to the controversies surrounding the operation of Bihar Cricket Association ( BCA ).

Having rejected Indian cricket association Representatives (ICA) Amikar Dayal & Kavita Roy entrance to its Annual General Assembly (AGM) in Ara, the association, on Sunday, issued an email to the secretary Sanjay Kumar directing him to forego his post to BCA joint-secretary Kumar Arvind, a copy of which is on the association website. Kumar, who had boycotted the AGM along with Dayal & Roy after they were barred from attending it, has been charged with conflict of interest, among other allegations, including the selection of his son Shivam Kumar in the state senior side while the latter's name did not feature even in the stand-by pool of players.

When contacted by TOI, Kumar refused to accept the mail as an order for the termination of his work, which has been issued by BCA CEO Sudhir Kumar Jha. "I have the mail but is there any signature of Sudhir Kumar Jha at the end? How am I supposed to understand that this is an authentic letter whereas no signature has been attached & neither have I been informed by the association," said Kumar.

The BCA constitution does not have the clause to state 'cease to work' or issue suspension of any member or a functionary. So when the provision itself does not exist then how can they issue such a mail?

In a scathing attack on BCA president Rakesh Tiwari, Kumar said: "The earlier ombudsman was paid Rs 1.15 lakhs per month. Now a new ombudsman, Nilu Agarwal, has been appointed who is supposedly to be paid more Rs 5 lakhs per month & the letter of appointment was given two months back. Why this sudden decision to hike the fee five times? Is this not a conflict of interest? At the AGM the president presented an expenditure of Rs 6 crore for the previous year whereas only Rs 3.66 crore was spent. I have already issued a legal notice against him regarding this."

While the mail stated that Kumar had left the place of meeting & also took away the records, reports & audited statement of accounts & other important documents which were to be tabled during the AGM, the secretary stated that he, along with the ICA members & the association treasurer, were not allowed to enter the room, so the question of him taking away documents does not arise.

"Hotel Aditya Inn, where the AGM was called, belongs to joint-secretary Arvind. Is it given in our constitution that the AGM can take place in an office bearer's property? This is a case of conflict of interest. I have already reported this to BCCI, including ICA president Ashok Malhotra & Syed Saba Karim (head of cricket operations, BCCI)," stated Kumar, while reiterating that he was not treating the mail from BCA as termination from his post as the secretary.

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