Gorintaku prepares for a new twist; Nivedh's memory loss surprises everyone

Gorintaku has managed to enjoy a good audience within a short period of its launch. The daily soap that shows the life of Srivalli You are ready to entertain with another interesting twist.

The last episode of the show has witnessed the return of Nivedh (Srivalli’s husband) who was assumed to be murdered two years back. As his mother Janaki and sister Janaki were taken aback seeing Nivedh alive, everyone suspects if he is just a look-alike. However, according to the new twist, Nivedh will recognize none at home but Srivalli. This leaves Srivalli and Parthu in complete shock.

It remains to be seen how come Parthu could recognize only Srivalli and Parthu but not anyone from his family. More drama is expected to unfold in the upcoming episodes.

As per the current storyline, Nivedh was first spotted by Ambika. She broke Srivalli and Parthu’s engagement ceremony by revealing about Nivedh’s existence to Janaki and family. As Parthu and others search for Nivedh, Nikhil and Preethi find him at a stadium. Nivedh fails to recognize his brother (Nikhil).

The recent track where Srivalli and Parthu chase Nivedh ’s murder mystery has apparently worked in favor of the show. The latest TRP report had the show occupying the second position outshining Vadinamma .