The Maharashtra government forms a committee to investigate 'wiretapping'

MUMBAI: He established a high-level committee to carry out an investigation into the alleged previous government led by BJP, the Interior Minister said Monday.

The two-member committee, consisting of the additional chief secretary (household), Srikant Singh, and Amitesh Kumar, joint commissioner of police (intelligence), tweeted Deshmukh.

The department of origin received many complaints from political parties and leaders about the misuse of wiretapping by the previous government, he said in another tweet.

This abuse of power violates the right to freedom and privacy as enshrined in the Constitution of India and is a threat to national security, said the CPN minister.

The former prime minister denied accusations that the phones of political leaders were intervened during his administration.

After the accusations arose last month, the BJP leader asked the government led by Shiv Sena to order an investigation.