BMS urges the government to investigate funding channels in violent protest against CAA

NEW DELHI: The union affiliated with RSS () on Monday urged the government to seek foreign hands and funding channels that support violent protest in the country.

These demands were made at the BMS Committee meeting, which concluded Sunday in Jodhpur.

The violent protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 in some parts of the country shows a strong ideological division on the national front with one side and those organizations directly or indirectly involved against national unity on the other.

The violent protests led to the concentration of all those who support the Indian team. The majority in society and among workers support the CAA law, while only a minority have fallen into the appeasement policy they oppose, the union said in a statement. .

BMS said it requires the government to identify foreign hands and financing channels that supported the turmoil.

He has also asked the government to identify the problem points throughout the country where violence easily explodes in matters against national security and practices zero tolerance for any type of anti-national tendencies and violent protests.

The government should not give a little about the false claims of those who oppose CAA. He does not need to hesitate to hold healthy debates, dialogues and discussions with peaceful agitators to convince them, and (the government) should investigate those responsible for the spread of violence, he said.