The mere idea of ​​someone growing up inside you is special, says his mother, Koel Mallick.

Through the days of kicks, punches and somersaults ... the sound of a new life beating within me.

Like a shiny silver thread woven in the

fabric of my life, our son is highly anticipated this summer.

These are the lines Koel Mallick decided to give the news of her pregnancy through a social media post on Saturday night: her seventh wedding anniversary with her husband Nispal Singh - Taking his fans and supporters by surprise. I have no words to express this feeling. It is very overwhelming. I am enjoying every moment. Everything we pray for a healthy child. I feel blessed and my parents, in-laws, friends and family are extremely excited, he said Koel who is going to complete her second trimester soon.n Koel came to know about her pregnancy during the promotions of her film, Mitin Mashi. “In the third month, I was promoting Sagardwipey Jawker Dhan. I will soon begin the promotions of Rokto Rohoshyo By the grace of god, I am keeping well. I believe that my little one is going to be very obedient, as he/she is not causing any kind of trouble to the mom-to-be yet, ”smiled Koel.

Most women tend to crave for specific food during pregnancy. When we asked Koel what she’s craving for, the actress said, “In the first three months, I was only gorging on food. But now it’s not like that. I am not craving for anything specific and am having everything in moderation. I am sure my bundle of joy is going to be extremely menacing and will turn out to be a foodie like me. ”Koel is making sure to enjoy every bit of this special phase of her life. “The very thought of someone growing inside you is special,” said the actress.

Meanwhile, hubby Nispal is leaving no stone unturned to pamper his expecting wife. “Rane (Nispal) is an extremely caring, loving and responsible husband. I have to admit that his care and pampering for me have tripled ever since we got the news. I am enjoying all the attention. He ensures that I take proper rest and eat well, ”said Koel.

Nispal likes to call it god’s blessing. Thanking the almighty for the beautiful chapter of his life, he said, “As would-be parents, we can only thank him. We all are eagerly waiting for the big day. I keep asking Koel to take good care of her health, as she has been working all through. She should promote her films but make sure it doesn’t cause her any kind of added stress. ”

Koel’s father, Ranjit Mallick , is on cloud nine ever since he got the news of becoming a grandfather soon. “Can there ever be a better piece of news? Though women today have access to all kinds of information on how to take care of themselves in these nine months, my wife Deepa and Koel's in-laws are constantly offering tips to her. May this special time be filled with good health and lots of love for both the mother and her child, ”Ranjit signed off.

We congratulate the future parents and wish them all the best!