Giriraj shoots Owaisi, an extremist from Pakistan, after he attacks BJP for actions against students of Jamia

NEW DELHI: BJP The leader and minister of the Union on Monday accused Chief Asaduddin of poisoning educational institutes such as Millia and Aligarh Muslim University against the country and claimed that Pakistan was created for people like him.

Extremists like Owaisi are forming an army of traitors poisoning institutes like Jamia and AMU against the country. Owaisi and other unconstitutional people like him must be arrested. The Indians have now awakened. Do not repress us and break us. Pakistan was created for you. Let us live in peace, Singh said in a tweet.

The Hindutva leader labeled a video of Owaisi, who was speaking at the Lok Sabha, extending his support to the protests of Jamia's students and claiming that the government was committing atrocities against them.

A boy lost his eye. The daughters were beaten. Did you not feel shame? The children are being fired, Owaisi said in an apparent reference to the protests against the CAA and the Uttar Pradesh police, accused by the opposition of using excessive force against protesters.