Our movie will surely scare the audience, says the director of Kaaal

The next Marathi horror movie Kaaal It will be the first of its kind in the language. While some horror films have been made in Marathi, the style of execution of Kaaal is what sets it apart from the rest.

Kaaal has been shot in a way that the viewer will feel like being a part of the action. Picture films like Paranormal Activity or The Tunnel and you will understand what we mean. The shaky camera, first-person POV shots and eerie music is what makes Kaaal unique. “We are not banking on the jump-scares much. The power of our film lies in the eeriness and the way the story unfolds, ”says D Sandeep , the director. He adds that while Paranormal Activity and The Tunnel have had large influence on his understanding of the genre, Kaaal is more on the lines of The witch Draft.

“Our movie has a tangible story. This is a group of young people who pose as paranormal investigators just to get views in their social media videos. But when they are called to investigate a real haunting, what happens? That is essentially what makes the story of our movie share.