SPPU students team up to make a marathi horror movie

The University of Pune extends over a huge area and is covered with lush vegetation. It is the perfect place to establish a horror shoot in but for Kaaal director D Sandeep I wanted to get out of your comfort zone.

Sandeep is a university student, as are almost every HoD in his movie. While they share a link with the campus, their film has been filmed on the outskirts of Pune. However, that does not mean that they have not explored the so-called haunted places of the university, especially the Alice Garden.

Legend has it that the ghost of a British woman named Alice roams this particular garden in the university. Some even say the ‘ghost’ is headless and moved around on the ghost of a horse. However, Sandeep, a self-confessed horror enthusiast, says it’s nothing like that. “Way before we even thought of making Kaaal, we had done a small investigation of our own at Alice garden. We stayed late to find out if what people said about the place was actually true. But, to our utter disappointment, nothing happened that night, ”laughs Sandeep, adding,“ Most of the times it’s just the stories that create a fear in the minds of people and with Alice Garden, it’s something like that I think. ”

Years after the ‘investigation’, Sandeep did his research for a horror film and has successfully made one- Kaaal - which will soon hit theaters.