All the remakes I'm doing now are moving movies: Dil Raju

Dil Raju He began his production career in 2003 with Dil, which earned him his nickname after working as a distributor. And in his long career he has never had remakes until he embarked for the ‘ 96 ’Telugu Redo ‘Jaanu’ which will hit screens this Friday, apart from the Hindi Redo of ‘Jersey’ and more importantly, the Telugu Redo of ‘Pink’.

“It’s not that I don’t want to make Redo s, it’s just that I enjoy the process of scripting too much. However, the only films I’ve been inclined to Redo in Telugu were Bangalore Days and Premam, says the producer, and adds: Nani and Sharwanand even gave the nod for the Bangalore Days Redo but I was not satisfied with the rest of the cast. And as we all know Sitara Entertainments remade Premam. I believe the film must have something extraordinary for it to be remade and 96 has it. So do Jersey and Pink.”

When Dil Raju saw the teaser of ‘96’, he was blown away by it. So much so that I watched the first rush of the film. “I don’t understand Tamil but I watched the film even before it released and it felt like magic. I even showed the film to Nani and Bunny and they agreed. I immediately paid the producer 15 lakhs more than what I asked because the story is so pure, ”he says. director C Premkumar , who worked as a camera assistant for Arya, was incorporated below.

While Samantha and Sharwanand have been cast in the Redo , in lieu of Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi, Dil Raju reveals that the actors took some convincing to be brought on-board. “ Sharwanand took a day to say yes but Samantha took some time because she was scared she’d be compared to Trisha. I convinced her she will bring her own talent to the film and she agreed,” he says, adding, “After the shoot began, she thanked me for bringing her on-board.”

‘Jaanu’s story will take place in Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad. “I had a few suggestions for changes but Prem did not take any of them. He instead made a few changes to the story of his own. But I don’t feel bad because I can’t ruin his vision,” says the producer. He also states that working on the ‘96’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Jersey’ Redo s have made him realise that his job is to tell good stories. “If I said no to Redo s, I wouldn’t be making these gems. Even those who have watched 96 will love Jaanu. I have Prabhas and the producers of UV Creations to thank for letting me name the film Jaanu when theirs is named Jaan,” he adds.