Marathi Kaaal movie premieres in 30 Russian cities

The next Marathi horror movie Kaaal , directed by D Sandeep , has a series of firsts to his name. The film explores the style of footage found and will surely send chills down the spine. However, this not all.

Kaaal now also holds the distinction of being the first Marathi film to get a theatrical release in Russia. Produced by Hemant Ruparel and Ranjit Thakur of Frames Production, Nitin Prakash Vaidya and D Sandeep, this film will be screened in at least 100 cinema halls across 30 Russian cities. The theme has an international appeal as it goes close to the genre that The witch Project dealt in. After watching the trailer of the film, we realized that it had a potential audience in Russia and got in touch with the producers who were kind enough to agree for the release, says Tatiana Mischenko, from the organization that is shouldering the responsibility of film's Russian release. Ranjit and Nitin add, This is a pat on the back for us and for the Marathi industry. We are confident that the audience there as well as in India will love the film.

Kaaal revolves around a group of youngsters that is called to investigate paranormal activity at a bungalow. The trailer has already generated buzz on social media and the film is set to release on January 31.