Marathi Kaaal film receives approval from paranormal societies

That he Marathi movie Kaaal is a horror The story is already known. However, did you know that the filmmaker D Sandeep Did you conduct extensive research on the subject before turning it into a movie?

Sandeep, a horror -enthusiast, came to know of the Indian Paranormal Society while reading up on the topic. He says, “Before that, I was completely unaware that organisations like these existed. When I delved deeper, I learned that they use scientific material and techniques for their paranormal investigations and that got me further interested in their work. I met with many members of these societies and spoke to some more about their experiences. I gathered as much information as I could as this was part of my research for Kaaal . I am really happy that the paranormal groups allowed me to understand their working. They were also happy that a movie on such a topic was being made.”

Sandeep also accompanied the groups in certain investigations and experienced firsthand emotion. “They were kind enough to let me handle some of their equipment too. It's really fascinating what they do, he adds.

While Sandeep hasn’t shown the final cut of Kaaal to any of them yet, he shares that when they saw rushes of the film, they were happy. He also plans to invite some paranormal society members to a screening of Kaaal in the near future.