Opposition members leave Lok Sabha to protest against Parvesh Verma

NEW DELHI: Opposition members, including those of Congress and DMK, abandoned Lok sabha on Monday when a member of BJP got up to start a debate on the motion of thanks on the president's speech to protest his controversial comments during an election meeting here.

As soon as Verma got up to start the debate, opposition members raised slogans against him as Sharam Karo (Have Shame).

He said that what a member says outside cannot be raised within the Chamber and that members should not set an incorrect precedent.

He also said that a member has all the rights to speak within the House and that it is not correct to raise any incident that has happened outside the House.

He stressed that Verma was offering a motion of thanks in the president's speech.

Opposition members, including those from Congress and DMK, left the House.

The Electoral Commission banned Verma last week for four days for its controversial comments made during an interview and at an election meeting.

At the start of the debate, Verma said that India is proud to have a president who has rejected the declaration of mercy of Nirbhaya's convicts.

In addition to praising the prime minister Narendra Modi He also admired the speaker for leaving the House paperless and giving the opportunity for new members to speak.

He also praised the Minister of Finance and congratulated her for presenting the budget that has given a sigh of relief to the common man.