Choricha Mamla brings back retro music

While many movies tend to go with a standard music album formula for romantic, party and melancholic songs, songs rarely tend to go with what the movie is about. But Choricha Mamla The songs are an exception.

In tune with the crazy comedy that the Priyadarshan Jadhav movie is, both songs in this album, composed Chinar-Mahesh , are in similar lines. The most popular of the two Kaadhaal Kay album, is full of party rhythms. Sung by Shalmali Kholgade , the song is about the request of a singer and actress to a rich man to finance his album. The song is not new, but Jitendra Joshi's lyrics add a peculiar touch to the song, making it memorable.

The next song, Taantanav, is sung by Chinar Kharkar and Priyanka Barve In retro style, complete with a nasal sound. The composition transports you to the past and makes you smile. That's where it is written down.

The songs are not necessarily the ones that make you want to play in a loop, but they definitely make a lasting impression.