D Sandeep says that Kaaal is tailor-made for the marathi audience

It was during his period at Savitribai Phule Pune University as a student that D Sandeep He was drawn to the cinema. He collected the set of skills required as part of his studies in the department of communication studies and perfected the skills with the making of short films.

However, his interest in paranormal and ghost stories led him to write and direct his first Marathi feature film based on the subject. While the genre itself has had limited films in Marathi cinema, Sandeep thinks his upcoming film, titled Kaaal, will change perceptions. Speaking about his inclination towards horror Sandeep says: “It was during my university years that I became interested in this genre thanks to Hollywood movies on the subject. I researched and I am ready to present Kaaal to the audience now. I think the film will change the Marathi audience’s perception of the genre and pave way for more such films in the zone. ”

Kaaal has been written, directed and edited by D Sandeep and produced by Pravin Kharat and Anuj Adwani. It features Satish Gejage, Sanket Vishwasrao, Shreyas Behere, Rajkumar Jarange, Vaibhavi Chavan and Gayatri Chighlikar in pivotal roles. Sandeep says the film is such that the viewers, especially the Marathi viewers, will find it very relatable.