'Ek Love Ya' sells its audio rights for Rs. 81 lakh!

From ‘The Villain’ director Prem started directing ‘Ek I love you Starring Frog and Ram Twig In leading roles, the team has been busy filming and has sold the film's audio rights at a great price. According to sources, the audio rights of the film have been sold for Rs. 81 lakh and created a new album in the Kannada audio market.

The director’s wife, Rakshitha Prem 's brother, Rana, is making his debut in Sandalwood with this movie and apart from Ram Twig , the movie also stars Reshma Nanaiah and Ankita Nayak. On the special occasion of having made a new record in the industry, director Prem compiled and made a video of all the hit songs of his career and posted on his Twitter handle.

A2 Music (Ashwini Audio) has bought the audio rights for ‘Ek I love you ’. Previously, A2 Music had bought the audio rights for Prem’s movies like ‘Kariya’, ‘Excuse Me’, ‘Jogi’ and ‘Ee Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide’, and now the recording company has bought Prem's songs again.

‘Ek I love you ’ has been produced under the banner of Rakshitha Film Factory. Magical composer Arjun Janya He has composed the music for this movie. Motion posters for the movie will be released on February 8 and the teaser will be released on February 14, Valentine's Day.