BJP's 'annoying' leadership with Hegde asks him to take 'corrective' measures

NEW DELHI: BJP MP's hit on Mahatma Gandhi He has irritated the main party leaders and may be forced to apologize, party sources said Monday.

A senior BJP leader said the Karnataka leader's comments were condemnable and the party leadership is upset with him.

The party conveyed his disgust and asked him to take corrective action. Any insult to Gandhi is unacceptable, he said.

Hegde, a former Union minister, reportedly said at an event in Bangaluru that the entire freedom movement was organized with the consent and support of the British, and the independence movement led by Gandhi was a drama.

He also wondered why the Father of the Nation was called 'Mahatma' (a great soul).

The party leader said that Lok Sabha's parliamentarian is a disciplined member of the party and will do what they ask.

Hegde, known for his Hindutva hardline inclinations, has a history of making controversial comments.