Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship by Vicky Kaushal reminds fans of the Hollywood movie Ghost Ship

Vicky Kaushal He released the first preview of his next horror movie Bhoot Part One: The Haunted Ship and it was a nightmare.

Unlike any other spooky trailer that we have seen so far, we can see many of the elements of fear in the trailer since the ghost or demonic spirit marks its presence in almost every frame. From crawling behind the protagonists to crawling on the walls and even following Vicky's character's house, this will surely make fans check under their beds.

After the launch of the trailer, many admirers of the actor turned to social networks to praise the trailer's progress that was as good as many. Hollywood It scares the festivals.

Talking about Hollywood films, there were a few fans who seemed to have had a “déjà vu” of another horror flick that was set on a ship - ‘ Ghost ship ’. Taking social media and stating that the film had a strange similarity to the success of 2002. When comparing the two trailers, it is impossible to overlook certain similar shots.


Watch the trailer below:

Meanwhile, there were others who felt that the film bore a lot of tried and tested shots from a range of Hollywood movies, including ‘The Grudge’ and ‘The Ring’. A few also compared it to the film to the video game ‘Man of Medan’.


'Bhoot-The Haunted Ship', directed by Bhanu Pratap Singh , also stars Bhumi Pednekar In a leading role Unchained by a true incident in 2011 when a ship docked at Juhu Beach in Mumbai, the film is scheduled to premiere on February 21.