Rebel Wilson becomes real by publicly naming her sexual abusers

Actress-comedian Rebel Wilson He is not comfortable naming men who sexually abused her.

Wilson has talked about sexual harassment in Hollywood in the past, previously tweeting about a man in a position of power that requested sexual acts in 2017.

Speaking in a event Lunch on January 31, he said he is not at ease with the idea of ​​destroying people's lives by naming them publicly, according to reports.

Obviously I found cases of sexual harassment and never publicly mentioned the men involved, Wilson said in his speech, according to the media source.

She continued explaining: You have this strange feeling: 'Well, technically, it wasn't that bad. Is it worth destroying people's lives?

He also reportedly talked about a stalker that the police had to remove from the courts during his defamation action against Media, after he arrived with flowers intended for the actress.

(He) said that he had made a room for me on his farm and that he was going to lock me there, and that he would love him, Wilson said.

'The Hustle' star chose to speak publicly about these experiences at the Australian Open event , as she hoped to inspire women to speak up and "advocate" for themselves.