Trump hits Democratic rivals during the pre-Super Bowl show

PALM BEACH: President Donald Trump used a pre-game Super Bowl interview to criticize Democrats, accusing them of hate and offering insults in the schoolyard about their potential rivals for 2020.

I see hate ... They don't care about equity, they don't mind lying, Trump said in an interview recorded with Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel, which aired on Fox hours before the biggest sports night. year.

Trump spent his weekend in Florida, as most of the political world has focused on Iowa, where Democrats on Monday will cast their first votes to elect the party's candidate.

Driven by Hannity, Trump went through most major candidates one by one, mocking Sleepy Joe Biden, the former vice president, accusing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren of telling fairy tales and labeling Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-styled democratic socialist, as a communist, even if it is not.

But Trump seemed more concerned about the candidates who chose to skip the early elections: Michael Bloomberg , the former mayor of New York who has been covering the waves with anti-Trump ads.

The president's and Bloomberg's campaign published billionaire dueling announcements during Sunday night's game, and both spent an estimated $ 10 million for 60 seconds of airtime, which Trump used to buy two 30-second spots.

Trump first presented the story of Alice Marie Johnson, a non-violent drug offender whose life sentence Trump commuted after reality television star Kim Kardashian West defended his case. The announcement showed images of the emotional moment when Johnson left prison and reunited with his family.

My heart is full of gratitude, he tells the camera. I want to thank the president Donald John Trump . Hallelujah!

Thanks to President Trump, people like Alice have a second chance, the ad text says, and adds: Politicians talk about criminal justice reform. President Trump did it.

Trump's second announcement will highlight his record, especially in the economy, arguing that under President Trump, the United States is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever.

Bloomberg, whose place was scheduled to air during the second half of the game, also chose an emotional theme, with a grieving mother who lost her son because of armed violence. George Kemp Jr., who dreamed of playing one day in the NFL, was only 20 when he was shot deadly in 2013.

Bloomberg has long endorsed what he calls common sense weapons legislation and has spent hundreds of millions of dollars since his tenure as mayor of New York to combat armed violence.

In Fox's interview, Trump made fun of Bloomberg's height and accused him of making a special request to have a box placed if he qualifies for future presidential debates. The Bloomberg campaign denies that this is the case.

Why should I get a box to stand? Trump asked. Why should I be entitled to that, really? So does that mean everyone else has a box?

Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman Julie Wood said Trump was lying.

He is a pathological liar who lies above all: his fake hair, his obesity and his spray tan, he said.

A Democratic official said there have been no discussions on the issue and said Bloomberg still does not qualify for a debate. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, citing a policy of not discussing conversations with candidates.

Earlier on Sunday, Trump fired a series of anti-Bloomberg tweets after midnight, calling the billionaire some of the fake news and insisting that he will not go anywhere and only waste his money, despite increasing polls.

Bloomberg responded with his own comment: It seems our ads keep you up at night. We have one in particular that you should see today. Bloomberg's 60-second spot will focus on the impact of armed violence.

Trump in Fox's interview also criticized the president of the House Nancy Pelosi , Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and other Democrats. When asked if it would be possible for him to work with the opposition party after he accused him and tried to remove him from office, Trump said he would like it, but it is quite difficult if he thinks about it because it has been so. .. I use the word 'witch hunt', I use the word 'deception'.

I'm not sure they can do it, to be honest, he added. I think they just want to win and it doesn't matter how they win. Trump is expected to be acquitted by the Senate on Wednesday.

The interview was broadcast just a few days before Trump delivered a speech on the State of the Union that, according to the audience, will offer an optimistic message to a divided nation.

Trump spent his weekend playing golf and mixing with the guests at his club that pays the fees. On Saturday night, he appeared at an event organized by the Trumpettes fan club.

And on Sunday he attended an annual Super Bowl surveillance party at one of his Florida golf courses, where he and the first lady Melania Trump They were received by a performance by a local university music band and cheerleaders.