Prayaga Martin is Anna in 'Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam'

Actress Prayaga Martin The next film of 'Bhoomiyile Manohara Swakaryam' is expected to arrive on the screens later this month.

Interestingly, she plays a character named Anna Joseph in the movie. The main character of the movie. Parambol Deepak The character's name is Ahmed, and he presents an interesting love story between the two. The film is the screen adaptation of a popular play and Prayaga's character is also based on a real-life person.

This role offers me the opportunity to play my character that I always wanted to do, and it's easily one of the most interesting roles I've ever done. It's a serious movie, says Prayaga, whose next one is 'Jamalinte Punchiri' with Indrans. I play her daughter in the movie, reveals the actress.