The remuneration of BB Kannada 7 finalist Deepika Das will raise her eyebrows

Deepika Das She has been one of the most popular candidates of season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada. From being introverted to showing her feminine power until the final week, Deepika's trip is worth mentioning. The actress left her character on screen ' Naagini 'and entered the controversial show as a famous contestant. Since then, she has always been in the news for her instincts in the greenhouse. There are rumors that Deepika is the highest paid contestant in season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada.

The charming actress, who managed to make it to the finale, has reportedly charged Rs. 50,000 per week for her stay inside the glasshouse; revealed a close source from the team. This means Deepika Das has earned a total amount of 9 lakhs for her participation in the show. However, neither the makers of the show nor the actress has discussed the remuneration officially.

That's not all, during the final, the actress was rewarded with 1 extra lakh since she was one of the 5 best contestants. She was also rewarded with five additional lakhs as she had obtained the most votes on social networks. Well, Deepika has shouted a considerable amount of Rs 15,000 for her participation in the program.