Bigg Boss 13: Vikas Gupta shares a video where Asim Riaz confesses he has a girlfriend; he asks brother Umar to stop lying

Vikas Gupta, who entered the house of Bigg Boss 13 to support Sidharth Shukla He has now shared a video in which it is clear that Asim has a girlfriend and that his brother Umar knows it. This occurs after Umar accused Vikas of not knowing anything about Asim's personal life and commenting on it.

Vikas shared a cut in which Asim tells Sidharth that his last relationship was just before entering the house. Sidharth asks if it's still on. Asim tells him: Almost nahi toota hai, ek tarah se (No, it's not over, somehow).

Sidharth discovers that he is a Mumbai model. Asim tells her she is a good girl, and he will call her first after leaving Bigg Boss. He also shares his plan to go out with her somewhere in Mumbai with his brother, Umar.

Sidharth asks if Umar has met her. Asim tells him he has a couple of times.

Tweeting the video, Vikas wrote: Here is @imrealasim accepting that he has not separated but also that @realumarriaz is aware of his GF #StopLyingUmar What he said #vikasgupta is the previous relationship of the first final before proposing to @realhimanshi that by true is aware of EX and with Asim like a rock. #AsiManshi # BiggBoss13.

Vikas also responded to Asim's father, who accused him of dragging the Shruti Tuli model into the game.

Asim's father wrote: Vikas Gupta He entered @ColorsTV # BiggBoss13 in support of Sid and tried to play a dirty game by dragging the innocent Sharuti Tulli into the controversy that he has a relationship with Asim, but slapped Vikas that has no relationship in his tweet. #AsimForTheWin.

To this Vikas replied: Lord, children do not tell their parents everything that @imrealasim is young and locked in the house. He is not to blame, but he is very surprised that @realumarriaz did not inform him about the same and dragged his lies. Please listen to it from #AsimRiyaz # BiggBoss13 #Stoplyingumar.