Vidya Balan: the prizes seem fair when you win one

Actor Vidya Balan , who has won high praise in his successful film career, contradicts the popular idea that award ceremonies in India are manipulated. In an event to promote the 2020 edition of a popular Bollywood awards function, said that everything seems fair when an artist wins a prize.

People often say a lot about award ceremonies, but I feel that when you get that (prize) in your hand, everything is fair, Vidya said, at a promotional event for the next 65 edition of the 2020 Awards.

She also said: It's a special feeling (being an award winner). First, the Prize statue itself is so beautiful. It is a symbol of love and appreciation of the audience and the industry, so it is very special for me.

I felt it's every Indian actor or actress' dream to win a Filmfare Award. It was my dream as well but I never prepared my acceptance speech, because the more you want to win an award, the more you feel anxious after winning it. It actually happened with me four years in a row. I won Best Actor (Female) award for three year and one year in between I won the Best Actor (Female) Critics' award, she added.

For four consecutive years, I went on stage to receive an award and asked myself, 'How can you improve this?' When I got Best Actress for the first time, I thought it would make me angry, but when I continued to win it for four consecutive years, I didn't believe it, the actress said.

Vidya Balan has won Awards for her performance in 'Paa' (2010), 'Ishqiya' (2011), ' Dirty image '(2012) and' Kahaani '(2013).

I also feel happy when I am nominated for a Filmfare Award because they honor the best of the year, so just being there is a good feeling. If you win, it is the icing on the cake, but if you do not win, and if at least you are nominated, then you feel good to think that you are at least among the best in that particular year, he said.

In 2012, when Vidya won by 'Kahaani', Priyanka Chopra According to reports, he bothered to lose by his performance in 'Barfi'. When asked about his reaction to that controversy, Vidya said: I was glad I won that year, he laughed, and said: I am not so kind as to think that she (Priyanka) should have received the award. I got it and I felt very good about it. As long as there are enough people who feel that my work deserved an Award that year, I am happy. I think this has happened many times in the history of the Awards, where two performances run side by side and then one person understands.

In 2019, Vidya received praise for his performance in 'Mission Mangal'. When asked what actresses he liked most in the past year, Vidya said: Unfortunately, I have seen very few performances, but I think Alia Bhatt was lovely. Gully boy '. I think Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar are lovely in 'Saand Ki Aankh' and that is something I want to see. Again, I think Yami Gautam was lovely in 'Bala'.

The 65th Amazon Filmfare Awards 2020 will be held on February 15. Breaking away from a 64-year-old tradition, this year the awards will take place in Assam.