The update of Kapil Sharma Show, February 2: Sapna says Taimur will grow but Anil Kapoor would not grow old

In the last episode of The Kapil Sharma show host Kapil Sharma welcome the actor Anil Kapoor at the show.

Anil Kapoor congratulates Kapil on becoming a father. Kapil asks Anil if he has followed the campaign that Jackie Shroff has started to plant trees. Anil sir says he does not need a garden he has a garden of his own and takes his t-shirt up for Kapil to see his bare chest.

Kapil calls Aditya Roy Kapur, Disha Patani on the stage. Aditya and Disha talk about their next movie. The two main actors share their shooting experience for the film.

Kapil welcomes the director Mohit Suri and actor Kunal Kemmu at the show. Bhuri entra al escenario y saluda a los invitados. Bhuri argumenta con Kapil que se ve hermosa y glamorosa y es por eso que Aditya también la está mirando.

When the next celebrity movie was filmed in Goa, Bhoori asks Anil Sir what he can do in Goa. Mohit says that the best person to visit Goa is Anil sir. Kapil asks the audience what would be the only thing they need freedom in life and some people share their opinions and desires.

Accha Yadav you eat on stage, and says that last time Anil sir came on show he was 30 but today he is 28. Accha Yadav says that his mother is Anil sir’s fan.

Accha asks Aditya that in two films he has played the role of an alcoholic, why do you drink so much? Kapil replies that he had gone through a break. Accha says he has three words for Disha, Save the Tiger. Accha then leaves the stage.

Kapil reads some rumors about celebrities and says if it's true or false.

Sapna comes on stage and tells Aditya that she does not like the scene where he carried Disha on his shoulder. Sapna adds that his boyfriend Mukesh does not have strong shoulders. She asks Aditya to recreate the scene from Aashiqui of kissing her under a jacket.

Aditya agrees to act with Sapna, and they do the same scene. Sapna jokes that Taimur is Anil’s best friend and their friendship will not stay longer because eventually Taimur will grow up. Sapna elaborates on the different massage services she provides at her beauty parlor. Sapna then leaves the stage.

Anil sir, Aditya, Disha, Mohit and Kunal say goodbye to the show.

Host Kapil welcomes the singer Dhvani Bhanushali on the stage. Dhvani talks about his new music video. Dhvani sings a song from his new music video and says goodbye to the show.