Louis Tomlinson believes that Zayn Malik has been 'disrespectful'

Singer Louis Tomlinson think your ex Only one direction bandmate Zayn Malik It has been 'disrespectful' but you can understand it.

Zayn has apparently been digging in the band. In an interview he rated the band's music ' generic as f ** k '.

When asked if he thinks something Zayn said has been disrespectful, Tomlinson said: Yes, I think so. But I can understand it. We have many situations in which we are sitting in interviews and if you are in a certain mood that could run your mouth.

The older you get, the more you can know if these things really have malice or if they are just a blow to the back. That's life, isn't it? Sometimes people chat and that is the reality.

Tomlinson does not rule out resolving their differences in the future, but not in the short term.

No, but I have not actively tried. We all have a lot in our dishes and there could be a day when I wake up and think: 'Okay, I want to correct that mistake', but not yet. he said.