‘Raaji Achi’ from ora Kora Paak ’is about blooming in love

It is the story of Dev and Priya who meet accidentally and fall in love in a short time. But here lies a turn; The couple has a problem with each other. The romantic comedy promises to deepen the modern love stories.

Dev and Priya can't decide on their future together and if they really feel for each other. Then, Dev and Priya plan to stay away from each other for six months to find out where they are. It is a sweet romantic story that explores the issue of commitment phobia.

This last song ‘ Raaji Achi ' since Souradip Banerjee Next Next ‘ Kora Paak Summarize the story very well and show how love stories often turn into exciting attractions. The composition of Santajit Chatterjee and the lyrics of Pralay Sarkar are backed by the refreshing interpretation of Raj Barman .

Watch the melodious song here:

Souradip's romantic comedy promises to produce a refreshing love story and the romantic song shows it again.

The rom-com stars Paayel Sarkar & Sourav Das in the lead. It’s a romantic comedy which shows if one is true to his emotions & whether love survives despite the distance. Beside Sourav & Paayel, the film also has Anindya Chatterjee , Rii & others.

Sourav, who has performed some challenging characters, is also preparing to form his own musical band when he begins his singing career.

Meanwhile, the last release of Paayel Mukhosh, a thriller directed by Argha Deep Chatterjee, has received critical reviews.