Ke Apon Ke By update, February 2: Joba cheats on Tandra

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Koel He is in Tandra's custody. Sapnamay and Tandra discuss your plan to take the ancient statue of Joba . Seeing Sapnamay and Mitti forming an ally with Tandra, Koel feels bad.

Tandra’s men bring Joba. The latter is shocked to see Koel, whose mouth has been sealed. She loses her calm and asks Tandra to untie Koel. Tandra doesn’t pay any attention and asks Joba to handover the statue.

Joba and Tandra have a face off yet again. Tandra mocks Joba, who is accused of killing her son. She reveals how Joba was tricked by her. They canceled the earlier meeting since Mitti informed them about Joba's absence from the asylum. Joba stays calm and asks Tandra why she considers her as an enemy. They talk about past incidents where Tandra tried to harm her.

Tandra reveals that she never got any importance ever since Joba got married to Param. She asks Joba to handover the statue and Joba does the same. Tandra mocks Joba and says how she made her a fool.

To everyone’s surprise, Joba reveals it was her plan to meet Tandra face to face. She asks one of the men accompanying her to unmask himself. It is revealed that Suryashekhar is along with him. Joba also reveals she had instructed Koel to roam outside of her college so that Tandra’s men get a chance to abduct her. She further adds that everything was preplanned so that Joba can get Tandra arrested along with proof.