This is what Kunal Kemmu thinks of doing a concert with Saif Ali Khan

There is more than one common thing among the actors. Kunal Kemmu and his brother-in-law, actor Saif Ali Khan .

Both enjoy playing the string instrument guitar.

When asked if he would like to do a show with Saif, Kunal told the media agency: I don't know if we're so good. I think music is an integral part of everyone's life. Some people like to listen to it and others like 'gun gunana' (hum).

In fact, he thinks that everyone is a bath singer. This is how I also started. I'm not trained and I don't think it's that good. I really like music and guitar, it is also something I just learned because it is one of those things that I always wanted to play.

Fortunately, due to media such as the video sharing platform, everyone can watch videos and learn a little. That is what I did. From time to time, I play and sing for my friends, added the ' Go Goa Gone 'actor.

Have you ever thought about singing in a movie? I could have romanticized about it, but it never reached a point where I seriously argued with someone who 'Listen, I want to sing in this particular movie'. I have not really thought about it. It's something I really enjoy doing, he said.

Now he is waiting for the release of his movie 'Malang', which will go on sale on February 7.

The most exciting thing about this movie for me was the director Mohit Suri because I started my career in this industry with a movie called 'Kalyug' that he had directed. I was 23 years old and I was 21, said the former child actor.

Fifteen years later, we met for a movie like 'Malang' and I could see why it is so special. I was so excited about this movie from the moment I had the idea. It's such a new story and I loved the way the characters were written because I think this is one of those few movies in which there is no clear discrimination between a hero, a heroine and a villain. The characters are all kinds of multiple layers and there is a lot of drama, twists and turns, he shared.

'Kalyug' is also one of his greatest hits as a solo hero. So, did you take 'Malang' without reading your script?

It was about two and a half years ago. He (Mohit) told me the idea. He didn't tell me about the paper. Then he gave me the full script. He told me 'You read this script.' asked 'What part do you want me to play?

Still, Suri said nothing about his role and insisted that Kunal read the script for the film.

Adi (actor Aditya Roy Kapur ) and I were the first two people who got involved in this. I read the script and went back to it. I said 'This is such an interesting script, Kunal recalled.

He was curious to know about the character Suri had in mind.

He asked 'What part did you think was the most interesting?' I said For me, what I've never done before and I don't think papers like this are written so often, is Michael. That is exactly what he wanted me to interpret, Kunal said.

I was excited because he was the same man who broke the mold ... of being a child actor to introduce myself as the protagonist. It's the same guy who had a character like this that separates from what I've been typed so far ... you know with 'Kalyug' and 'Traffic Signal', they were serious things and then I did so much comedy that people thought that Comedy is the only thing I do, he added.