Naagin Update 4, February 2: Brinda marries Dev and plans to take revenge on the Parekh family

In the last episode of Naagin 4 , Vishakha He intends to take the Naagmani after fifty nights Poornima. Toast He says Dev , she is upset because he left the mandap and went to look Nayantara .

Toast blames Rajat for her injury. She says that Rajat never loved her. Toast says she felt something when Dev left the manadap, and Dev says she might have feelings for him.

Dev proposes Toast to marry him.

Nayantara goes to see Manyata , while she was asleep at the Shiv temple. Vishakha takes Nayantara to another shiv temple, and only Naagin s know about the hidden temple.

Toast He says her parents she wants to marry him. Dev also informs Vrushali about his decision to marry Toast .

Vrushali does not agree with Dev , his father, Akash and Baa support his decision. After Baa announces that she wants Toast to be the daughter in law of their family, Vrushali had no say in it.

Toast ’s parents agree with her decision after they learn that Dev and his family are ready to accept Toast .

Both families give their blessing to Toast and Dev as they get married the same day.

After the marriage rituals, Vrushali goes to search for Manyata. Vrushali sprinkles the ashes that would make Manayata weak.

Manyata loses consciousness and Vrushali takes her home. She hides Manyata in her room.

In Dev ’s room, Toast notices that the ashes to weaken a Naagin They are everywhere.

She comes outside the house and prays to Lord Shiva, to help her kill Dev . It starts raining and Dev asks Toast to come inside the house or else she might fall ill.