Hina Khan attacks KRK for saying someone made a movie with her; tweets' I've worked my A ** off

Former big boss critical self-proclaimed contestant, Kamaal R Khan has created a storm with his latest tweet about actor Hina khan .

The actor made fun of Hina for getting a movie and jokingly said he will see her alone.

He tweeted, "I got shocked to know that someone has made a film with #HinaKhan! Who will watch it? I am 100% sure that it will be watched by alone Hina khan only! #BB13 #BiggBoss13."

This did not go well with Karanvir Bohra , who responded quickly to the nasty post. For the uninitiated, he was also the first to defend Hina during the Cannes controversy.

Karanvir shared that they might not have any sponsors in the industry, but that they have dreams. He praised Hina for going so far alone.

The actor wrote: Krk Bhai, whatever people say about you, it is a fact that millions follow you and await your tweets and reviews. We don't have a # Godfather, but we all have dreams and a willingness to achieve it. @Eyehinakhan should be applauded for the fact that she has come here by her own effort and the grace of God ...

This even made Hina respond to KRK. She credited her hard work for all the projects and the good things that have been presented to her.

Citing Karanvir's tweet, Hina wrote: Every project I have so far, every appreciator, every fan I have today. I have earned it with my hard work and talent. And that's what the movie got me and THAT'S WHAT MATTERS. No PR brokers, so the people of @KVBohra are smart enough to see through such stunts and recognize the good work.

He also wrote: #LetsLiftEachOther Instead of belittling each other for no reason ... I may not care but I worked my A ** to get where I am today ... #AppreciationOrNoAppreciation #FromTelevisionToFilms #TelevisionHasItAll #WeDeserveAChanceToo.