Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 update, February 2: Sooraj and Pavan enter the house

The weekend episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 start with Mohanlal Welcome contestant evicted Thesni Khan to stage. Lal questions her experience inside the house and the actress responds that it was a great opportunity. Thesni gets excited after watching the video fragment of his trip on the show.

Later, Mohanlal interacts with the housemates and congratulates Rajith , the new captain. The host suggests that the captain hold a meeting with all inmates every day.

On stage, Lal invites the third wild card entry of the season. The popular RJ and social media star Sooraj enters the stage. In interaction with the host, Sooraj says his biggest challenge is being away from social networks.

The background music plays inside the house and everyone waits for the new person to enter. Everyone is surprised to see Sooraj and Arya hug him. RJ Raghu He looks delighted to see Sooraj who is apparently his friend.

Surprisingly, on the stage, Mohanlal invites the next wild card entrant, Pavan Gino Thomas . The former Mr India finalist says that he is expecting a good game. He openly says that Rajith is his favorite contestant. Pavan also makes a mass entry to the house in a motorbike and housemates are spotted awestruck. Sujo hugs Pavan and welcomes him.

Later, Mohanlal signs off saying that now the male-female ratio inside the house is correct.

Bigg Boss welcomes new participants to the house and invites them to the presentation. Sooraj reports on his career and the controversies he faced, while Pavan shares about his dream of becoming an actor.

After the interaction, Suja tells Raghu that Pavan is his cousin. Others are also seen discussing their first impressions of the new participants.