Aggression is Sofia Kenin's middle name

MELBOURNE Sofia Kenin It is expressive. It is in his posture, in his step, the fire in his eyes. In the words that come to the rhythm of the bullets of a Sten pistol. Like his tennis, he leaves everything out there. Everything is said and done, one way or another.

Kenin, who won her maiden title in Melbourne Park on Saturday she cried after she went around the game in the second set. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she picked up balls, preparing to serve. The commentators picked it up and the viewers wondered what was happening. Those sitting in the lower bowls of the Rod Laver Arena They were a little stunned. She was hurt? What was happening The 21-year-old was in control of the game, or so close to him when he was still live.

Kenin, now the best-ranked American in number 7 in the world, explained to the media that she was getting anxious as she approached the finish line. I felt that I was getting closer to the title, something I really wanted. I knew I had to try to relax somehow, just try to calm down. I looked several times at my box. They cheered me, they calmed me down, she said.


Garbine Muguruza, who was the favorite in the final, since he had already won two main titles, was surprised at how well his younger opponent handled the situation. I was nervous when I played my first Grand Slam final. She kept her emotions pretty good, the 26-year-old said.

Alexander, Kenin's father and coach, a man of generous constitution and a relaxed pace, said his daughter was nervous before and during the final. He was crying before the final, also before most of his matches, reaching the title round. I was very, very nervous. I think it is normal. How can you not be nervous? You are playing in a Grand Slam, in a final. I'm nervous, said Alexander, who says that the best way to manage nerves is to be busy. The duo discussed the strategy, watched previous games, studied statistics and mapped a path. We tried to solve the problem, Alexander said.

Kenin says he has always had confidence. The trust has come with all the parties in which I have succeeded last year. I am the Wta The most improved player of the year, FYI (for his information), said.

Alexander said since he can remember, maybe from the moment she was knocking on her garage door in Pembroke Pines, Florida , she knew where she was going. She always wanted to be number 1, win a Grand Slam, she said. He hates losing, it just isn't an option.

Kenin, whose parents moved out of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, returning to Moscow only to have their daughter because they couldn't pay attention in the United States, recognized her roots even when she embraced the American way of life.

I have admired Maria Sharapova , anna Kournikova . I followed their matches. I feel I have the fight. I saw how it is. Maria won a Grand Slam at age 17, I remember seeing him on television. I have part of the Russian things inside me, fight and ferocity, he said before adding. And thanks to my parents for giving me the American dream.