CE displaces senior police for shooting incidents

NEW DELHI: The The commission transferred Sunday to DCP (Southeast) Chinmoy Biswal after, reportedly, his tenure did not lead to a free, fair and impartial election in Delhi. The action, the sources said, is related to Saturday's dismissal incident, in which young people were shot twice in the air near the site of ongoing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

Biswal, who according to EC said is relieved of his post with immediate effect, will be replaced by an additional (southeast) DCP.

Biswal, for now, will inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as indicated by the EC.

Sources said the voting panel had received adverse reports from its observers, as well as from a special police observer on the handling of security arrangements and surveillance at the site of the CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh. This was corroborated in the report received from the chief electoral officer of Delhi, sources said. Since the area is so sensitive in view of the ongoing protests and impending elections and since a random shooting incident by a civilian has previously taken place in the area, security around the anti-site was expected. CAA Dharna was further reinforced with strict access control and constant vigilance against any attempt to create a community-laden situation. But the second incident of dismissal occurred despite EC instructions to field officials at the survey review meeting held on Friday, to take quick action where necessary in the interest of fair, fair, legal and impartial elections in Delhi. Special emphasis was placed that the law and order arrangements at the identified vulnerable polling stations should be adjusted before the day of the vote, ”said an EC official.

Friday's meeting was convened by the EC for a comprehensive review of the survey arrangements, including the rule of law and order. A chief election officer from Delhi, district election officials, special police commissioner, district police commissioners, nodal officers and executive directors of local agencies attended. The EC also held a second meeting with the secretary of state, the secretary of the household, the secretary of finance, the police commissioner of Delhi, the director general of Delhi and special police commissioners.

As reported exclusively by TOI previously, EC also felt that the Delhi police should have filed an FIR against the Union minister and the leader of BJP Parvesh for their communal comments, which EC held in violation of Section 123 (3A) and the Section 125 of the Law of Representation of the People. The last section provides for prison sentences of up to three years. A senior EC official had told TOI that both the district magistrate in question and the Delhi Police were empowered by CrPC and IPC to direct the filing/filing and FIR in such cases, without waiting for an EC order.