Debut run: the fruit train is filled with bananas from Andhra Pradesh

NEW DELHI: The railways published Sunday photographs of bananas that are loaded into a refrigerated container for export from a city in Andhra Pradesh . A day earlier, the finance minister had announced the government's plan to establish through PPP.

“For the first time, the Guntakal division has loaded bananas for export to West Asian countries in a refrigerated container train from Tadipatri. 25 rakes are planned to be loaded in the next three months from this area and each rake will reach Rs 25 lakh railways, ”said a ministry tweet.

According to reports, the fruit train, which is said to be the first in the country, was marked with 43 refrigerated containers, loaded with 890 tons of high quality bananas for export to international markets. Freight will be loaded on ships in JNPT, Mumbai.

Until a regular system is established, the railroads will connect wagons to refrigeration facilities to express trains to transport perishable agricultural and dairy products, sources say. On Saturday, the president of the railway board, V K Yadav, had said they had a fleet of nine refrigerated parcel vans and that they were booked on a round trip.