Krishnakoli Update, February 2: Nikhil becomes suspicious due to Padma's behavior

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , someone enters the room while Shyama is sleeping. It is none other than Nikhil , who has come to surprise her. The latter is elated to see it.

In the meantime, Aditya bribes an official and sneaks out of jail. A man is appointed to give his power during his absence.

Suddenly, the lights go off. Shyama gets worried and calls Nikhil. The latter surprises her with some gifts. He decorates the hotel room and turns the atmosphere into a romantic one. The couple spends some romantic moments. Shyama feels shy.

Aditya enters the hotel. I've bribes a man who works in the same hotel where Shyama is staying along with her troupe.

Nikhil boosts Shyama’s confidence and says she will win the competition. Shyama too promises to win the prestigious compaction where singers from different countries have taken part.

Aditya calls up Padma. As her phone rings, Tumpa intends to pick up but Padma take the phone away. She lies that her relative is hospitalized. Her behavior irks Tumpa.

Aditya asks Padma to meet him. She initially hesitates but finally goes to meet him.

Aditya hands over a small bottle of poison to her and instructs Padma to feed the same to Shyama. In the meantime, Nikhil comes out of his room and notices Padma talking to someone in the middle of the night. He grows suspicious.