Coronavirus scare: Andhra Pradesh's technician will be rescued

AMARAVATI: Annem Jyothi, in Andhra Pradesh He stayed dramatically behind in Wuhan, China, after two special technicians transported stranded technical technicians by plane. Her wedding is scheduled for February 18 and in a video message that went viral on social media on Sunday, she called on the Central and state governments to rescue her. Jyothi, 22, is one of the TCL employees stranded in Wuhan. He said he was not allowed to board the Air India flight that evacuated 324 Indians from the Wuhan coup and took them to New Delhi on Saturday. Nor did he board the flight on Sunday that brought 323 people.

“Although I don't have any symptoms of coronavirus, I was not allowed to board the flight to India because I was running at high temperatures. Authorities said my body temperature was 37.5 degrees during mandatory medical tests before the flight. Chinese doctors could not deny or establish that he had symptoms of coronavirus. I begged them to have me undergo any test to allow me to board at least the next flight. But Chinese officials told me they couldn't accommodate me on the second flight either, '' Jyothi said in the video message.

Jyothi was supposed to return to India on December 25, but remains beached in Wuhan. His family has now begged the central government to rescue his daughter.