Mob sets fire to a sanctuary in Bihar for the murder of JD (U) net

BIHARSHARIF: Irked for the murder of a member of JD (U), in Sheikhpura village on Saturday night, party workers and supporters began fire a religious place in Sheikhpura on Sunday. Local residents and police doused the fire that left the shrine partially damaged. The protesters also raised anti-administration slogans.

According to reports, a large number of supporters of Amit Vashisht alias Nand Kishore Kushwaha blocked a road near in by burning tyres on Sunday morning and disrupted movement of traffic for hours. Soon after, a group of protesters went to Dallu Chowk where they set on fire a shrine. They also forced the shopkeepers to down their shutters.

A local resident said that protesters demanded actions against those involved in the attack against the member of JD (U) and left the place, but soon returned to block the road and attacked the sanctuary after the rumor was spread that another injured person, Mintu Kumar, was sent to PMCH for treatment, had died there. The second death was not confirmed or denied by any official.

According to sources, police picked up several people but have not disclosed their names. It is also known that the police arrested the main culprit who was being treated in the hospital. No arrests have been made for damaging the sanctuary.

Subsequently, the police carried out a flag march to instill confidence in the residents of some localities. The officials also assured the protesters that they would guarantee the early arrest of those involved in the attack. Sheikhura SP Daya Shankar who, along with other police officers, was camping in the village where the situation is said to be tense.

The member of JD (U) was killed in a confrontation that broke out between two groups by a DJ during an immersion procession of Goddess Saraswati in the village late Saturday. More than 15 people suffered injuries on both sides. Mintu Kumar, seriously injured, was sent to PMCH after first aid. The SP said that a FIR has been filed against 12 people in connection with the murder and that five of the defendants have been detained so far.