The new toilet of the Marine Lines station will save 4 lakh liters of water per year

MUMBAI: Western Railway has established an ecological bath with waterless urinals and fog flow taps. WR says the measure can help save 3-4 lakh liters of water every year.

The toilet, on platform No. 1, is designed with wooden interiors, prefabricated cubicles and Mangalore style canopy. Built at a cost of Rs 12 lakh, it has three urinal pots, and a toilet each in the compounds of gentlemen and ladies.

Ordinary urinal containers discharge about 600 ml of water at each use. A urinal without water saves that at all times. Once again, a common sink tap discharges 8-10 liters per minute, while a fog flow tap uses only 300-400 ml per minute, but with the same effectiveness, said WR public relations chief Ravinder Bhakar The toilet will be paid and used, with Rs 2 for urinary use and Rs 5 for toilet use.

How does a urinal without water work? Bhakar said he has a ceramic bowl with an anionic, hydrophobic and antibacterial surface, which keeps it clean. It has a cartridge made of high quality plastic and has an antibacterial trap set. The key component of the cartridge is a silicon trap, he said. Gravity causes urine to drain into the trap, which closes after use and stops the emanation of the smell.

WR plans to extend the concept to its other stations based on comments from its commercial department and users.