Uttar Pradesh: Farrukhabad kidnapper took lessons from YouTube

AGRA: and convicted of homicide, he was a historical scorer according to police records. There were four FIRs, including robbery and assault on a Dalit, against his name. But he was never suspected by the local intelligence unit (LIU) or the Mohammadabad police of making bombs.

Police said the illiterate man watched YouTube videos about bomb manufacturing and kidnapping children. On Sunday, police superintendent Anil Kumar Mishra, Farrukhabad, said: Neither Subhash nor his wife were sociable. The couple secretly built a 'bunker' with bad intentions that nobody was aware of. They were jointly responsible for the [children] hostage situation.

When your neighbors were not aware, how could the police know about it? According to the Farrukhabad district police, a total of 145 crude bombs, including a cylinder pump and a canned pump along with wire, battery, tape, thread (thread), 20 live cartridges were recovered, 11 used cartridges and one every 315 with rifle and pistol made in the country, but no one could smell or have any idea where he collected such a large amount of weapons and explosive dust.

Subhash, who organized a fake birthday party for his one-year-old daughter and then held more than 20 children hostage in the village of Kathariya in Farrukhabad, was shot dead by police after almost 10 hours away. The angry inhabitants later allegedly beat his wife to death.

About a month and a half ago, Subhash was released from jail after being arrested by the SOG team in a robbery case. Scanning through the history of mobile phones recovered from his home revealed that he watched YouTube videos about bomb manufacturing and kidnapping children. However, he was illiterate, said Dinesh Kumar Gautam, head of the special operations group, Farrukhabad in charge. While LIU was in charge, Preeti Singh said: LIU had no idea of ​​his ammunition stock or where he gathered the explosives.