The police will adopt the daughter of the kidnapper of Uttar Pradesh

KANPUR: Two days after the man who held 23 children hostage was killed in a police operation and his wife was lynched by the villagers, the UP police came forward to adopt their one-year-old daughter. The Kanpur area inspector general, Mohit Agarwal, told TOI that the police department would be responsible for education expenses and all other expenses until she is self-sufficient.

I want him to become an IPS officer, the IG said. “After all the legal formalities, it would be adopted and we would send it to a good boarding school. I would keep it under my supervision, ”he said. Currently, the girl is under treatment in a hospital in Farrukhabad and is being treated by police officers.

Gauri's father had taken 23 children hostage in the Katheria village of Farrukhabad and was shot dead during the police operation on Thursday. His mother, Ruby, was also killed after she was assaulted by angry villagers. Subhash had invited the children on the pretext of celebrating Gauri's birthday and held them hostage in the basement of his house. The police found Gauri in the house after his father was shot dead.

Facing four criminal cases, Subhash had served a 12-year sentence in a murder case in 2002. He was recently in jail for a robbery case and was released on bail a month and a half ago. Police say he had planned the hostage drama to settle accounts with those he accused of framing him in the murder case.

Subhash and Ruby had married against the wishes of their families. Therefore, none of the families came to take custody of the girl, the IG said, adding: Therefore, we decided to adopt her. A police officer said that although the girl is in shock, she is gradually normalizing. “It is being taken care of by a team of doctors under strict police surveillance in a hospital. he said.

We will take care of Gauri in such a way that he never thinks he is an orphan, the IG added.