Ahmedabad: families here earn their bread by doing rotis

AHMEDABAD: For those who require a few hundred for a wedding or find it cumbersome to cook rotis at home, the one in the area of ​​the walled city of Jamalpur is the ideal place. A dozen families here make a living preparing and.

While marriage reception orders for rotis arrive regularly, what keeps your business stable are the requirements of the city joints to eat on the road.

These restaurants, along with many hotels, buy hundreds of rotis from these roti manufacturers every day. Each family prepares a minimum of 500 rotis per day.

Interestingly, the flourishing business of roti was not planned, but it took off by chance. Our houses are located along the way and we sit rotis just outside our door. People passing by used to ask if we sell rotis and this is how we think about making and selling rotis, said Raisa Aapa Chhipa, one of the roti manufacturers in the city's Jamalpur area.

Raisa Aapa used to work as a maid before, but roti manufacturing is now her full-time profession. My two daughters and I rotate for our lives. We do around 500 rotis every day, he said.

When the business started just over a decade ago, families sold rotis for one rupee each. With flour prices constantly rising, they increased the price of each roti to Rs 1.50 about five years ago. More recently, about a year ago, some of the families raised the price of each roti to Rs 2.50, while others still sell rotis for two rupees each.

Ayubbhai Kalujiwala, who sold ready-made garments in the Bhadra market until a few years ago, now makes a living making rotis. The ready-made clothing business was not working well. My family earns more by doing rotis, he said.

Firoz Shaikh, who runs an egg restaurant on the road in the city's Khamasa area, said he buys 200 rotis every day from those who prepare them in Jamalpur. I visit the lane every day at sunset and buy rotis. Customers prefer rotis instead of bread, he said.